This year there is a reason to celebrate, 30 years of Full Moon Dance!

This year there is a reason to celebrate, 30 years of Full Moon Dance!

The Full Moon Dance Festival has reason to celebrate, it’s having its 30th anniversary! In the honour of this milestone the festival offers a birthday cake of dance styles accompanied with music and humour. The spectrum of dance styles include flamenco, folkdance, street dance, contemporary dance, ballet, dance theatre and Finnish social dance.


As always, the festival week offers brilliant performances and interesting courses for enthusiasts, dance students and professionals. To celebrate the anniversary, we also offer plenty of free performances and daily open sessions for the public in a variety of dance styles.


This year we will display a wide range of local and national dance art. The programme includes performances from several artists featured at the festival over the decades. We have also delved in the dusty archives and come up with splendid, recorded treasures. It is definitely time to let them breathe again.

The festival has its founders Marketta Viitala, Marjo Kuusela and Tommi Kitti to thank for its 30 years of existence. We would also like to thank long term executive directors Pirkko Hautala, Paula Kylmämaa and Arja Saastamoinen as well as artistic directors Katariina McAlester, Pirjo Yli-Maunula, Harri Kuorelahti, Liisa Pentti, Kirsi Törm and Alpo Aatokoski.


We are grateful to our large group of volunteers and naturally to the huge amount of dance artist and audience. Without these dance artists the festival would not have been born and without the audience it would not have thrived.


Welcome to our 30th anniversary festival to hear the historic ruffles and enjoy the present!


With warm greetings,
Alpo Aaltokoski, artistic director
Taina Ala-Ketola, executive director