The Full Moon Dance Festival program of 2022 delves deep into the basics of humanity

The Full Moon Dance Festival program of 2022 delves deep into the basics of humanity

The pieces selected for the Full Moon Dance festival of 2022 emphasize the message of basic human needs, the facts that make life meaningful and valuable, worth fighting for. The connection between humans, and love. Human rights. Not forgetting the sore spots of being human.


International performers are returning to the Full Moon Dance festival to perform alongside Finnish ensembles. Interaction between cultures is more important than ever. Artists don’t close their eyes from current reality. Art is performed in aid of humanity and peace. Art invites people to get together, to experience and share.


The main program consists of fourteen pieces, eight from Finnish performers and six international performances. Out of the international groups four are at Pyhäjärvi and Finland for the first time, Dongha (South Korea), Yeiner Chicas (Spain & Nicaragua), Mehdi Farajpour (Iran & France), Conpagnie Xuan Le (Vietnam & France) and Cie Linga (Switzerland). The festival will see Finnish productions by Tommi Kitti, Valtteri Raekallio, Gruppen Fyra (kor. Kauri Honkakoski) and Dance and Mime Theater Auraco.


“Guernica Again by Dongha Lee from South Korea has taken its motifs from Picasso’s piece Guernica based on the Nazi’s indiscriminate bombing of civilians” Alpo Aaltokoski, the festival’s artistic director describes. “On the other hand, The Soiree by Kauri Honkakoski tells us about the fear of life. In it the dancers are on the edge of the earth. Four people are living in a word curled into itself colored by a hopeless need to hold on to the past.” Aaltokoski describes. “The theme is also very topical in this time of isolation and uncertainty. Can we face these difficulties together and comfort each other with dance art?“ the artistic director asks. In Rehearsal of Love Valtteri Raekallio ponders on the question, what keeps us together.


This is the last year of Alpo Aaltokoski’s five-year long term as artistic director. As a send-of we will see two of his choreographies both commenting on the themes of letting go and loosing, Closed doors and Uoma.


We will also hear lectures at the festival. Dc. Saara Moisio recently defended her doctors’ theses in the field of theatrical studies. She will discuss the results of her theses titled “Balancing Acts in Spectatorship – Dynamics of Value Creation in Audience Experiences of Contemporary Dance” and challenge the audience to ponder on her findings. For instance, must the value of art be countable and how does the value of contemporary dance develop in the audiences experience. Moisio collected data for her these at the Full Moon Dance Festival in 2018.


Dance neuroscience doctor Hanna Poikonen, developer of the WiseMotion method, will be giving two lecture–workshop sessions on neuroscience and creative movement: Creative Movement for Brain Health – molding the brain through creative movement and Artistic Dance and the Brain – Our inner and outer word and The creative process in the brain and body.


The Full Moon Dance Festival will publish the vol. 2 of its program on International Dance Day 29th April 2022.