Press release 22.5.2021: Welcome to our birthday party!

Press release 22.5.2021: Welcome to our birthday party!



The Full Moon Dance festival in Pyhäjärvi is celebrating its 30th anniversary. In honor of the anniversary we are offering a birthday cake of dance styles garnished with music and humor. The whole crew of 100 artists is enthusiastically preparing the festival! We will see 15 performances including two premiers.


This year we will present you with a substantial spread of national dance art. The programme contains several pieces from artists that haver been part of the festival over the decades, as festival founders Marjo Kuusela (“Pelurit/Gamblers”, revival premier), and Tommi Kitti (“Pienen näyttämön juttu / Story of a small stage”, a passage
in the celebratory gala.). Third founder Marketta Viitala – known advocate of childrens dance – will bring promising young dancers to the stage.


Katri Soini (Etyde’s about excellence, premier) danced in “Gamers” in 1992 and Unna Kitti, daughter of Marjo and Tommi (“Gamblers”, LEHMÄ! / COW!) has been at the festival with her parents ever since she was a child. Reijo Kela (Taulumannekiini) has prepared numerous dance performances performed in nature around Pyhäjärvi over the festival years. Also TiinaDelfiina Huzchowsky (Charlotte at 5 a.m.), Petri Kekoni (Glow of dimness) and Anna Veijalainen (A journey of four frogs – Nostalgia) have been asked to prepare performances for the full moon dance festival in the 1990’s. Just to mention a few.


As usual there are dance courses in due throughout the week for all, dance students, professionals and enthusiasts. In honour of our anniversary we are offering numerous free performances on the Full moon Market place as well as free dance teaching in different dance styles for the public. The celebrations will start on Tuesday
20th July at 1 p.m. with the opening event at Pyhäsalmi Market square. The festival will be brought to a climax on Saturday night 24th July at 8 p.m. by the Celebratory Gala, where we have gatherd together snippets of flamenco, street-dance, balet, couple dance, childrens dance, folk dance and contemporary dance.


Welcome to experience the history of Pyhäjärvi dance festival through national dance pieces from the past, present and future!


For further information contact:
Taina Ala-Ketola, Executive director
p. 044 427 2099,


Alpo Aaltokoski, Artistic Director
p. 050 596 7917,