Wayson Poon: Workshop for dance enthusiasts

Wayson Poon: Workshop for dance enthusiasts

Teacher: Wayson Poon
Date and time:
THU 1.8 at 10:45-12:00
FRI 2.8 at 09:00-10:15
SAT 3.8 at 10:45-12:00

Language of instruction: English
Mean to: dance enthusiasts

Price: 40 € , includes a free ticket to Wayson’s presentation. Single hour 12€.


This movement practice draws inspiration from Qigong, floor work with other somatic that support our sense of weight in motion. Trying to discover and develop a personal way of moving, I encourage personal expression and personal differences to exist, by using Forsythe improvisation methods and emphasizing to focus on the proper use of our breathing.


Wayson Poon

Hong Kong contemporary choreographer and dance artist Wayson Poon has worked in Europe and Asia as a choreographer, performer, researcher and educator. Due to the impacts of various cultures, his works have combined oriental spirit and western methodology, deciphered the essence of body from different aspects, studied the language of dance from several levels and brought out the harmonious chord in the vibration of many elements. He has dedicated himself to exploration of the meaning in his works and a variety of solo dance pieces in the context of contemporary dance. Poon has toured and led workshops across the world, including Sweden, UK, Korea, Australia and China. He received the Hong Kong Arts Development Award for Young Artist (Dance) in 2016.