Vortex (Hong Kong)

Vortex (Hong Kong)

WED 31.7.2019 at 20:00 (Inmet-Areena)

In this work, dance and sound are intertwined in an abstract world, where the essentials in one’s daily life are felt. Human civilization is constantly redefining what is legitimate or appropriate, when many of its preconceptions are rooted in ignorance. Humans, who have long been accustomed to constraints, have drifted away from their true selves. In this moment, can we contain the whole world in our enfolded existence, and open up the space for an expanding vortex or trajectory?


Choreographer and Dancer: Wayson Poon
Dancer: Lo King-san
Sound Artist & Composer: Peter Lenaerts
Lighting Designer: Chan Ka-ho Ivan
Producer: Carrol Ho


Acknowledgement: Vortex was commissioned and produced by the 2018 Hong Kong Arts Festival and was premiered as part of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Contemporary Dance Series.

Wayson Poon

Hong Kong contemporary choreographer and dance artist Wayson Poon has worked in Europe and Asia as a choreographer, performer, researcher and educator. Due to the impacts of various cultures, his works have combined oriental spirit and western methodology, deciphered the essence of body from different aspects, studied the language of dance from several levels and brought out the harmonious chord in the vibration of many elements. He has dedicated himself to exploration of the meaning in his works and a variety of solo dance pieces in the context of contemporary dance. Notable works include Behind 3.0, Untitled, Fleeing by Night, invisible(cities); and Vortex. His works have appeared in a number of different areas, Hong Kong Arts Festival publications and tours.


Poon has led workshops on his body research across the world, including at ilYoung (Sweden), Bath Spa University (UK), Asia Dance Project (Korea), Melbourne Festival (Australia), Chengdu Yuan-shu Contemporary Dance Space (China) and The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HK). He received the Hong Kong Arts Development Award for Young Artist (Dance) in 2016.