The Station (Hungary)

The Station (Hungary)

FRI 2.8.2019 at 19:00 (Inmet-Areena)

This story is not about a nice family waiting at a station.
We were three years old when we disappeared.
For 123 years, we’ve been living here in this closed place that people call The Station.
We know exactly who we were then, and what we have become.
Escape if you can!
Play with me if you dare!
Do we know exactly who we were then, and what we have become?



“Ferenc Fehér’s choreography, in which the dancers act as though animated by some mysterious force, is astonishingly organic and yet, at the same time, mechanical in the way that it conjures up both mathematical formulae and natural patterns, the intelligent human particle floating in an abstract plane, and the collective (quantum?) consciousness.


The Station is a super-concentrated ‘interim’ microcosmos that exists both inside and outside real space and time, depicting the incessantly restless state of an urban zombie and the cacophony of an outside world woven from a rich fabric of sounds (also created by Fehér). Everything revolves around the core of a complex relationship between two people with their own internal rules, which they are all too ready to break at the drop of a hat.”


Orsolya Bálint, curator


Dancers, creators: Ferenc Fehér, Dávid Mikó
Music: Ferenc Fehér
Professional Consultant: Judit Simon
Light: Dávid Kovácsovics
Choreography: Ferenc Fehér


2018. Jerusalem / The sixth International Choreography Competition, The Mash prize (Special prize)
2018. 22. Masdanza International Contemporary Dance Festival of The Canary Islands, Special Prize of the Jury

Ferenc Fehér

Ferenc Fehér is an dance artist and choreographer born in Hungary. Fehér’s autodidact style is a unique and expressive combination of physical dance and animal movements – a result of constantly improving his repertoire of unique moves. Fehér has created and performed choreographies and worked in a variety of dance companies all over the world since 2007.