Forest Ballet

Forest Ballet

SAT 3.8.2019 at 14:00 (Pietarsaari)

Forest Ballet is a dance performance in the future.


A human being is held captive in between the past and the future. Like curious animals, we’re always looking ahead to the next bend in the river – the unknown future. At the same time, however, we are afraid of change and can’t stop talking about the “good old times” in our civilized history.


Forest ballet takes us on a trip to an imagined future in 2069. The working group has pondered and investigated the kind of social, scientific, political, sociological and artistic changes that might be coming down the line. How would these manifest in the everyday lives of future dance artists, and how would they affect their expression?


Forest ballet is a work of radical hope.


Outdoor show – the audience is encouraged to dress according to the weather. Transport by boat to performance location in Pietarsaari island will depart from Hotel Pyhäsalmi at 2pm. Duration of the performance on top of back and forth transportation is approximately 120 minutes altogether. Possible changes will be informed on the festival website and social media.


Concept: Saku Koistinen
Choreography: working group
Dance: Laura Koistinen, Saku Koistinen, Satu Rinnetmäki
Scientific consultation: Antti Majava / BIOS research unit
Visualization: Vespa Laine
Music and sound design: Fern Orchestra (Laine) and working group
Production: Routa Company
Photos: Ville Piispanen