Raisa Vennamo: Feldenkrais course

Raisa Vennamo: Feldenkrais course

Teacher: Raisa Vennamo
Date and time: 31.7. – 3.8.2019 at 15:00-18:00

Language of instruction: Finnish

Price: 180€, includes three 10 € sub-tickets / course participants for the desired performance


Introduction to the Feldenkrais Method


The Feldenkrais Method course has been designed to for anyone who is interested in their own well-being. Classes help to ease stress and performance pressures, and strengthen self-esteem. A lesson doesn’t focus on achievement, but rather opens up a space to accept oneself as one is. The exercises are suitable for all different ages and fitness levels and will benefit everyone who wants to increase their potential.


The course is also ideally-suited for those who work in care and education. The techniques can be utilized, for example, in the rehabilitation of the elderly and disabled, and to help young people get acquainted with their body image. The four-day course provides basic information on the techniques.


Feldenkrais classes have a calm rhythm. Movements are varied and there are many rest periods. The method involves two ways of working: in group lessons, under the verbal guidance of the teacher, light, action-based movement sequences are often performed on the floor, which avoids the tension related to balancing and falling over. This creates a safe and stimulating situation for learning something new. Individual lessons are based on guided contact and passive motion manipulation, and the session is tailored to the individual’s situation.


How does the Feldenkrais Method support human well-being and health? Learning is based on movement that is guided through experience and developed through exercises to help the practitioner become more sensitive. As the sense of movement becomes more finely-attuned, a better environment is created to learn from poor and unnecessarily tiring habits and ways of moving. Body alignment improves and breathing is liberated. Movement coordination becomes smoother and more holistic, the individual becomes more sensitive to the use of force, and the amount of redundant work is reduced. New movement models also create space for fresh intellectual models too.


The Feldenkrais Association of Finland was founded in 2001. Feldenkrais Method teachers require four years of training.



Raisa Vennamo

Raisa Vennamo is a Feldenkrais Method trainer and dance artist. She graduated as a Feldenkrais trainer in 2000 and is a founding member of the Feldenkrais Association of Finland. Raisa has her own practice in Helsinki, where she gives classes and group counseling. She also teaches the method at Theatre Academy Helsinki and runs courses across Finland.