Dance Theatre MD: Moilanen the Hero, and Eve

Dance Theatre MD: Moilanen the Hero, and Eve

FRI 2.8.2019 at 17:00 (Keskuskoulu)

Could even the smallest things be important? Perhaps world-saving?


Hessu Moilanen, Eveliina Juuriavaha and Kaapo Kaalilaho are just regular 8-year-old children, who play hockey and underwater rugby while practising their new song for the Finnish Idol competition. Moilanen the Hero, and Eve is a dance adventure for the whole family, and it also boldly dares to look at the things we’d prefer to hide from the public eye. In the performance absurd and fun shake hands.


Choreography: Samuli Roininen
Text: Samuli Roininen and work group
Dance: Suvi Eloranta, Anniina Kumpuniemi and Samuli Roininen
Costume and set design: Samuli Roininen
Sound design: Henri Puolitaival
Light design: Sari Mayer
Costume realization: Ella Kauppinen, Osk Työhuone Hengari
Performance photos: Harri Hinkka

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