Image and Movement (thu 20.7.2023 at 10-16, Keskuskoulu)

Image and Movement (thu 20.7.2023 at 10-16, Keskuskoulu)

Homeland: Finland

Thursday 20.7.2023 at 10:00-16:00, Keskuskoulun sali

Combinations of dance and visual arts


at 10:00-12:30
(lunch break)
at 13:30-16:00


Teacher: Anni Rissanen (TaM)
Level: open to all


Price: 30€ (incl. 5h)


Image and Movement is a course that explores the relationship and interaction between dance and visual art using movement and drawing. The course is led by Anni Rissanen (TaM).


Through exercises that open a dialogue between drawing and moving, the course examines the relationship between dance and visual art. During the lesson, various sensory and movement tasks are performed to create an embodied experience. The approach to creating images is through stimulating bodily senses. We explore how movement can leave traces or how the body can be used as a drawing tool. Some exercises focus more on movement, while others focus more on drawing. The lessons are conducted in a playful and experimental manner, guided by curiosity, immersion, and wonder.


The exercises strengthen self-awareness, establish a connection to the body, and enable new perspectives on self-expression. The course includes group work, pair work, and individual work. There is room for self-reflection and sharing during the lessons. The emphasis is on the processes of being and observing rather than on creating a finished product. This working method encourages recognizing one’s own habits and finding new paths to self-expression.


The course is based on sensory perception, observation, embodiment, movement, and drawing. It is aimed at those interested in dance, movement, and drawing.




Anni Rissanen (1981) is a dance artist (MA) and teacher (BA) specialized in the use of embodiment and somatics in her teaching. Rissanen has been working as a dancer, choreographer, and teacher in Finland and abroad for 15 years. She combines dance and visual arts in her work.


Choreographies: Face-to-face (Tanssin Aika Festival 2018, Mänttä Art Festival 2021), Turning Point (Forum Box 2016), Landscapes (Forum Box 2014), Jälki minussa (2014), and Omakuvia (2012).


She graduated with a master’s degree in dance from the Theatre Academy in 2008 and has worked as a dancer with, among others, Sari Palmgren, Soile Lahdenperä, Maija Mustonen, Kati Raatikainen, and Satu Herralan.


Since 2009, she has taught at institutions such as the Helsinki City Theatre, Tanssille ry, Theatre Academy, Zodiak – Centre for New Dance, Critical High School, Helsinki Art Hall, and Tanssivintti. She was also the head teacher of the dance program at the Central Ostrobothnia Folk High School from 2009-16.


Rissanen is the founder of Virgiinia – Centre for Embodiment. She is currently studying in Satu Palokangas’ three-year Solu – Somatic Movement Training.

Many thanks to our partners for making the course possible!