Ugly but cute

Ugly but cute

Opettaja: Ferenc Fehér
TO 1.8 klo 15:30-17:30 (ammattilaiset ja opiskelijat)
PE 2.8 klo 09:00-11:00
LA 3.8 klo 15:30-17:30

Opetuskieli: Englanti

Hinta: 100€, sisältää patjamajoituksen koululla ja vapaalipun Ferencin esitykseen, sekä alehintaisen festivaalipassin. (yhden kerran osallistuminen(35€/pv) mahdollista vain kahtena ensimmäisenä päivänä)


The name of the method: ugly but cute

This style is a new system that best learns to destroy and rebuild ourselves.
This kind of approach brings us close to physically and instinctively in this unpredictable but conscious method. Our dance and movement system works alike on this planet everywhere.
Everything is beautifully structured, everything is beautiful, everyone wants to dance nicely.
We need to balance the beauty and the ugly by knowing how to destroy it.
Consciousness plays an important role in dancing.
There is not only a beautiful dance, but there is also a contrast between the beautiful and the ugly. The ugly has many sides, which can be beautiful and cute, interesting or modest.
You must be demolished or be ugly enough to make new things happen. That’s worth it.
This style involves: physical dance, humorous movements of animals


Ferenc Fehér

Ferenc Fehér was born in Hungary, which is where his curiosity and interest for physical movement and dance began.
He never learned and gained any kind of education in dance schools. He has gained many years of experience in autodidact.
He had only one person in his life who had learned and gained experience and education for 7 years.
Ferenc Fehér is an experienced and successful dancer-choreographer.
His style is a unique and expressive combination of physical dance and animal movements.
Ferenc’s dance is the result of constantly improving and perfecting his repertoire of unique moves, and he has been making and performing his own choreographies all over the world since 2007.
As a performer, he has worked in a variety of dance companies in lot of countries.