The Blissful Ones

The Blissful Ones

SATURDAY 28.7.2018 , 20:00 (Inmet)

Katja Koukkula & Jussi Väänänen continue blowing the dust off partner dancing with their joyful and relaxed piece! The dance work, which is realized using the methods of partner dancing, offers a glimpse into the lives of middle class couple, Florence and Terence. What is brought to the stage is a lively depiction of two people, who in their search for happiness end up learning it can be found closer than they would have believed. “The Blissful Ones” brings forth noticeable moments from real life, treating them with tenderness and understanding. In this emotionally rich work, Katja and Jussi also wink at their history. Audiences are provided with recycled competitive dancing and the best of partner dancing.



Dance & choreography: Katja Koukkula ja Jussi Väänänen
Direction: Sanna Silvennoinen
Light Design: Janne Teivainen
Sound Design: Janne Teivainen ja Jussi Väänänen
Costume Design: Kati Mantere ja Katja Koukkula
Paintings: Eveliina Hämäläinen