West African Dance Workshop Course

West African Dance Workshop Course

Opettaja: Sibiry Konate & Mbacke Niang
Course: West African Dance Workshop Course
Date and time: 25.-29.7.2018 , 10:30-12:15
Mean to: age over 12
Language of instruction: English (interpreting the opportunity to)
Price: 100 €

Registration ends 22.7.2018


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Sibiry Konaté (Burkina Faso) and Mbacke Niang (Senegal) present an energetic and rhythmic dance workshop. West Africa is a region of rhythms and diverse dance, as each country has its own particular style. For example, in Burkina Faso there are over 60 tribes, each with their own rhythm that goes with certain movements. Dance is an important part of community celebrations and ceremonies. With two great dancers, you can now sample two different African dance styles with a live drum accompaniment.


Traditional Afro: Sibiry’s lesson is an easy way to slip into Burkina Faso’s traditional Western-African rhythms. Tempo depends on rhythm, and the whole body is present in jumps, large movements and strong contact with the ground. A happy dance takes care of all your troubles!


Sabar: The energetic Senegalese sabar dance is based on the traditional rhythms of sabar drums. The movement language pulls you in, and there is space for every dancer’s own style.


Sibiry Konaté (Burkina Faso)
Sibiry “Bebe”, a professional dancer and choreographer from Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso, has enjoyed an impressive career in contemporary dance. He has trained in his home country in the Centre de dévéloppement chorégraphique La Térmitère and in France too, for instance at the Centre National de la Dance Paris (CND) with Carolyn Carlson, Salia Sanou and Sedou Boro, among others. Sibiry has performed in many productions in Finland by Turku City Theatre, Zodiac and Kassandra, and in his own work Women’s Voice in 2014 and Clay pot 2016-2018. As a teacher, he encourages and inspires his students. Communication is an important aspect of dance for Sibiry, and his classes give the student a chance to experience success. It is easy to let go and let the dance movements shake off all your excess baggage!


Mbacke Niang (Senegal)
Mbacke Niang comes from a Senegalese artist family and has been immersed in his local culture and art since he was very young. He is a self-taught sabar dancer and has worked as a dancer for many years. He has also appeared in music videos by other artists, such as Youssou N’Dour and Pape Ndiaye Thiopet. Mbacke has been taught Western African dancing and contemporary dancing by the professional dancer/choreographer Aba Sagna as part of the Ballet Jammu dance group. He dances with Sibiry in the work Clay pot. A positive attitude and broad smile have become his trademarks, and there is plenty energy in the dance classes for everyone to share!