Seul á Seul (alone)

Seul á Seul (alone)

FRIDAY 27.7.2018 , 18:00 (Keskuskoulu)

(Seul à Seul ) Alone, in a world with seven billion people.
This is one possible perspective on loneliness


Choreographer Filbert Tologo challenges and considers the problem of our time: loneliness. In this work, he deals with it through dance and the touching words of a song.


Tologo’s choreography ponders the theme from various perspectives:
Why do we live alone and not with each other? Why do we hide away in our own little bubble and not contact others?
Loneliness robs us of light and the meaning of being.
Does the feeling of loneliness and isolation not just grow if we fail to care about each other? Loneliness can cause marginalisation and turn into aggressive behaviour or deep depression. Some of us cover up anxiety with drugs or alcohol, a promiscuous sex life or by playing dangerous games. Life becomes chaos.


Filbert Tologo’s solo choreography describes the physical and psychological changes that loneliness causes.

This work is about the search for an encounter, a relationship, a look and a smile.

I dance in order to meet people like myself in my everyday life. “Alone”, I dance to exist.

Switzerland / Burkina Faso


Choreographer and dance: Filbert Tologo
Photographer: Philippe Pace
Costume Designer: Filbert Tologo
Music Composition: Claude Jordan
Lights: In collaboration with Festival Technology
Production: Filbert Tologo Company, Genéve