Saeed Hani – Let’s talk to the wolf

Saeed Hani – Let’s talk to the wolf

Teacher: Saeed Hani
Course: “Let’s talk to the wolf” – Physical and mental work on an oriental music
Date and time: 25.-29.7.2018 , 12:30-15:30
Mean to: age over 16
Language of instruction: English (interpreting the opportunity to)
Price: 150 €

Registration ends 22.7.2018


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“Let’s talk to the wolf” – Physical and mental work on an oriental music.


“Let’s wake up the wolf inside us and move our bodies through its emotions. Let’s discover our bodies in a different way using the power of the wolf, the floor, the space.”


Saeed Hani developed an individual style based on his experiences with different cultures, using ancient oriental elements in a contemporary way


Dancer and choreographer Saeed Hani was born and raised in Syria and received his early training at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus. After his graduation he joined the prestigious Caracalla Dance Company in Beirut, Lebanon, to tour in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Oman, UAE, Jordan, Algeria and China. He also gained initial experience as a tutor at the affiliated dance school.


Since fall 2015 he has been living in Trier, Germany and has performed as a dancer for several plays with various dance companies in Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany. In addition, he launched own projects like “One Night Stand” and “Dem Menschen ein Wolf” which will premiere in November 2018 at the TUFA Theatre, Trier.


Recently he worked for the Theatre Münster, Germany, as guest dancer for the production “True Romance“, choreographed by Hans Henning Paar.


Saeed Hani travels a lot representing his work as a dancer, choreographer and teacher using the movement of the human body to communicate with the other cultures. He loves to combine different social perspectives and basically believes in the process of sharing intercultural ideas and viewpoints to create an organic new piece of dance.