CANCELED ⇒ SUNDAY 29.7.2018 , 14:00 (Inmet)

With Recto Verso, Jean-Claude Kodia pushes us to the limit, in order to discover that duality that lives in each of us, that internal combat between our masculinity and our femininity – to unearth this internal creature, the source of our indecision as to which path to follow, which choice to make. On stage, he turns himself into a man, and then a woman, adopting the language of hip hop, traditional, and contemporary dance.

He wears a woman’s clothing and hairstyle. At the same time, he wears men’s shoes and a backpack, a symbol of the social responsibility of every individual. This piece is an invitation to each and every one, man or woman, to overcome our indecision, and to define our selves as one or the other.



Choreographer and dancer: Jean Claude Kodia
Set Designer: Yann Chabert Ulrich Nkounkou
Lighting Designer: Jajus Nkounkou
Costume Designer: Jean Claude Kodia
Sound Designer: Donald Bouesso