Love and Disaster

Love and Disaster

THURSDAY 26.7.2018 , 20:00 (Inmet)

Love and Disaster is a mixed motion arts dance piece based on the world of Anton Chekhov’s plays. The performance is the eighth version of a series of pieces inspired by Chekhov’s works and the themes of love and disaster in his plays. The central building block of this piece is the breakdown of western culture. It brings together theatre, performance, dance, music and visual arts.


Chekhov Machine Company is a multi-arts community that looks for collisions and touchpoints between different art forms. The group consists of artists from different backgrounds and age groups as well as professions, breaking down existing perceptions of who is allowed to perform despite their language skills, looks, age and education.



Performers: Jonna Eiskonen, Pihla Auvinen, Kajsa Ek, Delfiina Huczkowski, Sara Soulié, Nina Viitamäki, Omar Albajare, Antti Seppänen, Carl Lindgren, Marlon Moilanen, Antton Nissinen, Anna-Maija Oka

Musicians: Tarmo Anttila (basso, äänisuunnittelu) Sergio Castrillón (sello), Natalia Castrillón (harppu), Beatriz Gijón Gijón (piano)

Directing & concept: Cris af Enehielm

Texts: Anton Tšehov & Cris af Enehielm

Images and video: Paola Figueroa

Lighting designer: Danilo Canguçu