African Contemporary Dance Workshop

African Contemporary Dance Workshop

Teacher: Filbert Tologo
Course: African Contemporary Dance Workshop
Date and time: 25.-29.7.2018 , 10:00-12:00
Mean to: age over 15
Language of instruction: English (interpreting the opportunity to)
Price: 130 €

Registration ends 22.7.2018


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Filbert Tologo is a choreographer from Burkina Faso who crosses the borders between different art forms. He takes his influences from near and far, and his work as a choreographer recognises no boundaries.


He has trained in African dance, which his teachings combine with contemporary dance. He endlessly strives to regenerate and develop his work.


Tologo has worked as a dance pedagogue for around a decade and has regularly taught Afro-contemporary dance in dance schools in Geneva and workshops around the world. He cooperates with many dance institutions.
He has developed his own teaching method: warm-up movements are followed by isolation, breathing, coordination and concentration exercises. His workshops explore space, rhythm and Afro movements from a contemporary dance perspective. His classes give every dancer the opportunity to highlight their strengths, find new techniques and gain new perspectives on contemporary dance. The goal is to achieve harmony between body and mind. The workshop quickly and naturally brings together the things that Tologo deals with.


A public performance will be given at the end of the workshop.