Daniel Abreu´s Workshop

Daniel Abreu´s Workshop

Teacher: Daniel Abreu
Date and time:
25.7.  9:15-12:15
26.7.  12:15-15:15
27.7.  9:15-12:15

Mean to: Students of dance, physical theatre or actors. Over 18 years old.
Language of instruction: English (interpreting the opportunity to)
Price: 100 €

Registration ends 22.7.2018


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“Support, directions and messages. Body, mind and emotion. It is all about feeling and through feeling we will discover, understand and learn. From the ground to go through the air. (I advise you to bring a kneepad with you.)


The first thing I would like to do when we meet for the first time is just learning your name and try to find out who you are through your voice, after that, we will see what comes up.


My aim will be to observe you and to help you out with your needs. I will suggest you to move through the dance, what I see, as I see you, always from a tecnical and experimental point of view. I mean, you will dance with all your body because this is the reason you will attend all these lessons and it would be great if you are able to attend the three days – it would be worth it for you, your mates and myself.


About myself just to say that I have been looking for new ways of teaching to discover new ways of movement. I believe that one who is able to know one’s body, its emotions and to planify its actions in order to be able to know what to do with this and in the case the exterior affect all those plans, to be able to adapt the best possible its role, as much as the daily life will allow us, otherwise to accept it as such.


With my proposal I will provide the exercise as experience, and this experience will give us the knowledge. Although the theoretical support exists, it fluctuates and presents itself according to the group. Theories are not true or false therefore do not establish truths but paths, from there we will walk.”


Daniel Abreu was born in Tenerife, which is where his curiosity and interest for physical movement and stage expression began. He obtained a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia.


As a performer, he has worked in a variety of national dance and theatre companies and groups in Spain. He has also collaborated as an assistant of creation or as an interpreter in many different projects.


He has received a number of prizes, such as:
– The National Award for Dance in Creative category in 2014
– Best director in INDIFESTIVAL with the piece “Los zuecos van hacia sus buenos hábitos”;
– Jury’s prize for Choreography in the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid (2005);
– Outstanding Dancer’s AISGE Foundation Prize to attend the American Dance Festival (2005) in the Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid; and
– Most Distinguished Dancer of the IV Certamen Coreográfico de Maspalomas.


His project of forming a company developed almost imperceptibly in 2004. The sum of his creations and collaborations came together in the concept that is known today as the Daniel Abreu Company. He has created more than 30 dance works, which have been presented in 17 countries in Asia, Europe and South and Central America.


He has created work for the companies Proyecto Titoyaya (Valencia, 2010), Zawirowania Dance Theater Company (Warsaw, 2010), Cía. De Danza Nómada (Tenerife, 2007 and 2009), Festival En Pe de Pedra (Santiago de Compostela, 2006), among others.


Some of his pieces have been selected for the Spanish Circuito de la Red de Teatros Alternativos from 2007 to 2012, and his works “Perro” and “Equilibrio” have been part of Aerowaves in 2009 and 2011.


As a result of all this creative work, Daniel Abreu has been invited to give a number of workshops and courses, in which he has shared his creative and personal vision of contemporary dance with students as well as dance and theatre companies. In parallel, he continues developing his own work without moving away from other creative activities, such as directing projects for other
creators and companies. He combines this with stage directing the work by Provisional Danza (Madrid), and with supporting projects initiated by others.