Clay pot

Clay pot

THURSDAY 26.7.2018 , 17:30 (Keskuskoulu)

Clay pot uses contemporary dance and traditional African dance to approach the topical theme of humanity: how do I find my place and preserve my own roots? Clay pot, a work by choreographer Sibiry Konaté from Burkina Faso, ponders how to learn to know oneself and another person. If contact with one’s self and fellow human beings is lost in the midst of the daily rush and competition, what then is left?

Burkina Faso / Senegal / Finland



Choreographer: Sibiry Konate
Dancers: Sibiry Konate, Mbacke Niangin
Storytelling support: Annamari Karjalainen
Director support: Annamari Karjalainen
Video material: Jussi Rastas ja Sami Hedberg
Lighting design: Anttoni Halonen
Sound: Jarkko Kela
Video, sound and light show: Aleksi Karjalainen
Live music: Soungalo Mercau Sanou (Burkina Faso) & Issiaka Dembele (Burkina Faso)
Production Assistant: Linda Karvinen
Supporters: Taiteen edistämiskeskus, Helsingin kaupungin kulttuurikeskus, Esitystaiteen keskus ja Universum Teatteri