WEDNESDAY 25.7.2018 , 20:00 (Inmet)

CANCELED ⇒ SUNDAY 29.7.2018 , 19:00 (Akustiikka, YLIVIESKA)

This work stems from the concept of construction-destruction, a place of beginning and of end. Born from a crevice, this distant landscape is shaped by a violent blow halting us and forcing us to contemplate from a distance, in this case, our own thoughts.

The work considers fantasy and reality after an emotional accident that travels round the world from the aggressive, to the oneiric and spiritual. Physicality is always very present, and everything expressed comes from the body and its void, with swift gestures, and scene changes.


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Choreography and Dance: Daniel Abreu
Assistant: Igor Calonge
Lighting Design: Irene Cantero
Music: Christian Fennesz, John Leafcutter and Sylvain Chauveau
Technical Coordination: David Benito