Courses 2018

Dance and music across cultural borders

This year’s Full Moon Dance Festival features an especially extensive array of courses. Young, adult, and senior dancers alike are welcome to attend, and the level of applied teaching is suitable for first-timers and amateurs as well as professionals.


The teachers are dancers at the top of their field, all internationally acknowledged pedagogues and artists. In addition to Finnish instructors, teachers are also arriving from Spain, Germany, Taiwan, Switzerland, Burkina Faso and Senegal. The courses tie in closely with the festival program. Attendees will have the chance to see their instructors’ own performances live, offering a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of both the guidance received and the teachers’ artistic methods.


Experience something completely new and expand your expertise
Alpo Aaltokoski, Artistic director

TUESDAY – SUNDAY (24.-29.7.2018)

WEDNESDAY – SUNDAY (25.-29.7.2018)

THURSDAY – SUNDAY (26.-29.7.2018)

WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY (25.-27.7.2018)


Please use the registration form. Participation is confirmed by making an advance payment by the due date. The course fee can be refunded only with a doctor’s certificate.



The course fee includes instruction and accommodation at a school (mattress on floor in a classroom; please bring your own bedding / sleeping bag).
The school accommodation can be booked with the registration form while signing up for the course.


The festival recommends that the participant acquires accident insurance for the duration of the course. The participant is responsible for the acquisition of the insurance.


It is possible for course participants to purchase a festival passport entitling them to access all the shows. You can book it at the registration form while signing up for the course.