Braves is Kinetic Orchestras dance work for whole family.


As a starting point for Braves we decided to create world and atmosphere that feels familiar and immersive for both children and adults as well. It´s build for all sort of real life social action like singing, electric circuit racing, dancing and playing with all sort of movement ideas from wrestling to tango.


Braves has been actually made for three dancers and one young boy, but eventually it started to feel that Oiva who was five when we started the project has actually grown out of the role he had in 2015. So on our new version there´s Oivas five years old little brother Urho on stage too. Both boys have been practicing Acrobatics with their dad Jarkko Mandelin for years now.


All acrobatic based movement is of course challenging and requires lot of daring attitude and brave mind to go and execute on stage. But for us the actual beef is the mindset that allows us to come close and trust unconditionally to each other. To show that love that we have and how it is the base for all bravery.


I hope that trust and bond can been seen and felt through the work. That, I guess, is the actual foundation for Braves but also for a good life.

Wed 26.7. At 17 (Central School) Price: 15/12 €
After the presentation, an audience discussion with Kirsi Törm.


Dance: Anni Koskinen, Iiro Näkki, Jarkko Mandelin, Oiva Mandelin and Urho Mandelin
Choreography: Jarkko Mandelin and company
Music: Ger van Dijk, Janne Hast, Alvaro & Mercer feat. Lil Jon. Mixed music from Muddy Waters and Irina Björklund
Lights: Jarkko Mandelin, Juuso Joutsio
Production: Kinetic Orchestra, Monkey Garden, Mikko Heino