Sonja Pakalén is working with the citizens of Pyhäjärvi during the spring 2017. Together they are preparing a performance which tells stories about the village and its people.

”We want to find the essence of the area, how people see it and feel about it. We are trying to define what brings people together and on the other hand rips them apart.”

The project is aming for the community to evolve and find their own strength. The goal is to find means to face eachother through art.

”We´re trying to find a way to well being and to connection.”

24.7. At 5.00 pm and  at 6.00 pm Helena Statue Center / Old R-kioski



Director / choreographer of Sonja Pakalén, Teemu Nurmelin Lighting Designer, Maija Andersson Assistant Director Performers

Hanna Ahnger
Tapani Alatalo
Maria Kouvalainen
Anna Kuusiniemi
Maire Laakkonen
Janna Parkkinen
Kaisu Ulander