Post-preposition (after) is used in many different contexts; postmodern, post mortem, postdoc, posttraumatic, postlude, postscript, posthumanism. In the center of POST-performance is a moment of change and the moment after it. The Post-moment offers new opportunities to look back, to play with what was and to laugh about it. It gives a chance to go back to square one, to mourn, to do all those things that shouldn’t be done to be credible, to create something new and to imagine the future.


POST-performance was born where modern dance and Aiki-jujutsu met. A unifying way of movement throughout the process has been TRE (Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercises), which is a stress release method based on neurogenic vibrations of the body. TRE can be seen as an exercise that opens up the body as a stage and summons up life and the imprints it has left.


Frustrations from the past years have fueled the rehearsals in a special way. These have been utilized by dancer-choreographer Kirsi Törmi and Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu kyoju-dairi Jyrki Rytilä. What vestiges have 40 years of budo or 30 years of dance left in the body? What skills do these bodies carry with them? What can be done with them in this day and age?



Concept: Kirsi Törmi
Choreography, dance:
Kirsi Törmi, Jyrki Rytilä
Lighting design: Hanna Käyhkö
Sound design: Jussi Heikkinen
Costume design: Maria Tolonen
Photography: Ia Samoil, Hanna Käyhkö
Technician: Timo Sirkkala
Production: Routa, Taike, Helander Foundation, the working group
Premiere: 10.14.2016, Generaattori