The subject of choreographer Marjo Kuusela’s dance piece is a girl who enters the convent Vallis Gratiae in 15th century Naantali. The girl has been banished by her noble
family after she has fallen in love with a man of the lower orders and become pregnant. The story has been told by Rauno Tirri in his fictive work “Letters from the convent of
Naantali, the life of Sister Kristina 1441–1500.”


The work ponders one of the central questions of life: how should one live; how can one find a meaningful life? Should one live for the day and make the most of one’s life here
and now or live for the future, one’s salvation and posterity?

Tue 25.7. At 19:00 Kuusela (churchyard & church)
Price: free program fee of 15 €


Choreography and concept: Marjo Kuusela
Music: Vox Silentii: Johanna Korhonen, Hilkka-Liisa Vuori
Dance: Unna Kitti, Tuomas Mikkola / Arttu Wäänänen, Reija Vaahtera, Aino Voutilainen
Visual and costume design: Sari Salmela
Premier: 10th of June 2016, Church of Naantali