`täin tot vaazij tinzin tanzin`
`with these it was walking tinzin tanzin`

A Sámi Troll’s words while it was baking the toeskins of a human near Inari, according to a family tale.


The Inari Sámis tradition of Yearly Move has been the inspiration of Jotteeh (in Inari Sámi language `people who walk or move`). Moving distances together was an important practical, social and rite-like happening, where every individual had their own task. While covering bigger distancies each one also had to observe the Nature around and be alert – tinzin tanzin tinzin tanzin…

Inari Sámi choreographer Auri Ahola’s first full-length work Jotteeh explores this traditional Yearly Move with its own mysterious and absurd logic.

Wed 26.7.2017 at 16.00 hotelinranta park


Choreographer: Auri Ahola
Sound Designer: Sami Tammela
Dancers: Auri Ahola, Unna Kitti ja Pekka Louhio
Costume Designer: Erika Turunen
Premiered in Inari Jan 27th 2017, Skábmagovat Film Festival
Production: Auri Ahola and Skábmagovat Film Festival
Duration: 25 minutes