Body as a source of wisdom – Authentic movement

Body as a source of wisdom – Authentic movement

Teacher: Heli-Maija Rajaniemi
Place: The center of Pyhäsalmi
Date and time: monday – wednesday (24. – 26.7.2017) , 9:00-12:00
Price: 140 €

Registration ends 20.7.


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In this course we concentrate on listening to our own body, observing our inner impulses through movement and sensations. As a method to this we use a form of authentic movement, where the individual moves by listening to internal impulses and a witness reflects on what is being observed.


Authentic movement is rooted in the work of Mary Whitehouse, dancer/dance and movement therapist. Due to the efforts of her student Janet Adler authentic movement has developed into a method where individual’s physical, psychological and emotional sides can integrate into one which allows comprehensive healing.


Authentic movement allows us to experience ourselves as we are. This can release the ability to achieve our inner hidden potential. It also has healing properties for our body and mind.


The instructor of the course will be Heli-Maija Rajaniemi, who has 20 years of experience in authentic movement as a student of Janet Adler and a member of the International Circles of Four faculty of teachers.