TRE® course for everyone

TRE® course for everyone

Teacher: Jyrki Rytilä
Place: Ikosen koulu
Date and time: monday – wednesday (24. – 26.7.2017) , 13:00-14:30
Price: 80 €

Registration ends 20.7.


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On this course, you will learn the simple and easily applicable TRE muscular vibrating exercises. By learning the process and using these exercises you will safely activate a very quickly effective and natural reflex mechanism that relaxes, activates and mobilizes muscles that are tense due to stress and challenging experiences. ( ).


As deep muscle tensions are released, the body is encouraged to return to a state of wholeness and balance – the sensations, emotions and thoughts rearrange themselves into a new way of experiencing oneself and one’s being. This way the exercises can active a wider process that assists in coping with stress in everyday life.


TRE was created by Dr David Berceli, PhD, an international expert in the areas of trauma intervention and conflict resolution. Dr Berceli has developed and taught TRE for over 20 years.

During the TRE course you will learn

  • the TRE stress release exercises modified to fit your body
  • The framework for TRE: the way body responds to elevated levels of stress, and how these muscle contractions can be dealt with
  • To active a natural muscular shaking/vibrating mechanism that is effective and restorative
  • Instructions to practice TRE independently and to self-control the process (not to teach the method to others)


The instructor for the course is a TRE Certified Trainer, DI, and teacher of Classical Budo, Jyrki Rytilä. He is in charge of the training for the new TRE trainers in Finland and has taught the
method for thousands of people all over the world during the last ten years.