Media representatives can sign up to see the performances at Full Moon Dance Festival with the sign-up form or by sending the requested information to .


Details of the media

Name of the media organization, supervisor’s name, personal details, the date of arrival and the date of departure, performances to which attendance is requested, journalist’s name, email address, telephone number, possible further details, possible requests for the organizing party and requests for interviews with the artists


For more information

The artistic director Pirjo Yli-Maunula will provide further information tel +358 400 938 164. You may also send the information of the application form via email to .


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Jotteeh | kuva: Hannu Mällinen
Leikin Alku | kuva: Uupi Tirronen
Pitkät Piuhat | kuva: Petra Tiihonen
Post | kuva: la Samoil
Sillat | kuva: Jyri Keronen



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