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Simo Kellokumpu

Sofia Karlsson
Satu Rekola
Saara Töyrylä

Jukka Huitila

DJ Balance

Niina Huovinen

Erno Ovaska

Simo Kellokumpu Company

40 min.


gorgeous Gavin

July 25 at 8 pm Inmet-areena. Finnish premier.

Here he is: Gavin is adorable lover. Every detail from gorgeous face to life like feet is surprising realistic!

In his new work Simo Kellokumpu deals with the expectations, hunger and hopes for urban love. What happens to a person who is full of unselfish love ? Is it possible to survive without being accepted ? Why do we beg for love ? The piece brings out the idea of nowadays´ tendency to make a brand and object out of everything, including human love.

In his works Kellokumpu approaches themes through rough movement language combined to emotional credibility.

Simo Kellokumpu Company

Simo Kellokumpu Company was founded in Helsinki, Finland in Spring 2004 to produce choreographer Simo Kellokumpu's contemporary dance works. The aim is to perform 1-2 premieres yearly and to tour actively in cooperation with other dance production organisations. The company's main members are artistic director Simo Kellokumpu, visualist Jukka Huitila, composing sound designer Antti Nykyri and producer Erno Ovaska. All the other company members are employed on production-based contracts.

Simo Kellokumpu graduated as a MA from the Finnish Theatre Academy's Department of Dance in 2003. He has also studied in the University of Jyväskylä and Kuopio Conservatory. Kellokumpu began his choreographic work in 2001. In 2006 Simo Kellokumpu Company was chosen by Aerowaves network to appear in London at The Place´s Resolution!. After UK debut Simo Kellokumpu Company have toured successfully e.g. in Switzerland and Italy.

Its emotional credibility won me first. Though technique and technology were finely mastered, too. Kellokumpu's group work looks like early Kvarnström and young Vandekeybus. Ambitious, but sincere.
Katja Werner, Dance Europe, October 2005

Simo Kellokumpu Company was the real gem of the night for me and this reinforced why Resolution! is such an exciting season, you never know what you may discover!
Lisa Haight, londondance.com, February 2006

Simo Kellokumpu reminds us that choreography really is an art.
Laura Griffiths, Resolution! review, February 2006